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The founder of the B.A.S.S in the USA, Ray Scott, designed a typical Bass Dam with interesting structure and cover, including deepwater areas and shallow spawning flats.


This illustration is reproduced from the May 2002 issue of SA Bass magazine.

During pond construction, a blueprint or illustration, even one as basic as this, will give you (the landowner) and the contractor who will move the soil and landscape the dam, a good idea of where to start and how to proceed.


Here are some on-line articles you may find helpful:

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5. The Cure for Skinny Fish by Bob Lusk (selective harvest tips to reduce competition and boost Bass size)

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8. Clearing Muddy Water by Landon Cullum

9. How to add extra Spawning Beds for Bass


An essential website to investigate is:

Click on the "Ask the Boss" link you will find in the left column on the above site to enter the Pond Boss Forum.

Excellent books and a video on all aspects of pond management and a bi-monthly magazine are also available from this website. For the full Pond Boss product line, click on the link.