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Initially, the idea was to edit and post reports as and when they come in ...

It has now dawned on me that the obvious disadvantage of this route would be that such reports could be outdated by the time someone takes the time to send in a report which has to be read, edited and then uploaded onto the site.

History is OK, but nothing beats HOT and CURRENT info!

So, all you Bassers who wanted to read or send in reports, rather check out and use the Forum (click on this link or on the link in the column on the left) to post reports about the Bass bite in your area.

This may be a far better way of keeping reports up to date and current and allowing for quick questions and comments before conditions change. Site users may also feel more inclined to type in a report on the Forum/ Message Board where it will be almost instantly displayed for the benefit of all.

Let's see how this suggestion works!

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