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This venue is probably the premier Southern Africa Bass water within easy reach of South African Bassers.



There are two lodges on the lake:

1. Nhongo Camp, Hippo Valley, run by Justin and Collette Booth, see:


2. Nyari Camp/ Lodge, run by Hippo Valley Estates (+263 31 3360/1), which currently (2011) seems to be the preferred venue of most  Bassers visiting Mteri.


The Lake:


The size of the lake is 975 HA, with a lot of structure in the form of standing timber (trees). Be prepared to do a lot of flipping and pitching!





The average weight of Bass caught ranges from 2,5kg - 3kg. Many 4kg - 5kg Bass have been caught. A Bass of A 6,2kg (13.64lb) Bass was taken during the SA /Zimbabwe International tournament in November 2000. The current lake record to date (2007) is apparently a whopping 7,9kg (17.38lb)! Lionel Botha landed one of 6,5kg (14.3lb) in the third week of September 2007 and Justin Booth got one of 5,2kg (11.44lb) on 23 July 2006.


Justin Booth with the current 6,65kg (14.625lb) Mteri Lake Record Bass taken on 23 July 2006 on a Zoom Horny Toad.



Shane Warth with a 4,64kg (10.21lb) Bass taken at Mteri on a Texas-rigged Zoom BrushHog.



I display a typical Mteri Bass of 3,4kg (7.48lb) taken on 6 June 2002. The lure: a 10” black Berkley PowerWorm. The technique: Flipping standing timber.



Shandon Hawman displays a 5,1kg (11.22lb) beauty taken on 30 July 2003 at Lake Mteri, Zimbabwe. The lure? A Junebug Senko.



Greg Welman with a 4,4kg (9.68lb) Mteri, Zimbabwe, Bass taken on 29 July 2003 on a Carolina Mojo-rigged watermelon Zoom BrushHog in shallow water on the grass bank edge.



Eddie Welman with a 4,2kg (9.24lb) Mteri, Zimbabwe, Bass taken in July/August 2003.



Mteri gives up a 10-Pounder for me!

A beaut of 4,6kg (10.12lb) taken on 2 August 2006. The lure was a chartreuse and white spinnerbait dressed with a black trailer and a No. 6 gold Hildebrandt willowleaf blade cast to a swirl near a stump surrounded by vegetation.

Thank you, LORD!


Another view of my Mteri Bass.

 I had a great trip with Eddie and Greg Welman from Welman Bass Fishing Guide Service. Thanks for the pics, Greg!



No less than 5 species of Bream are also present in the Lake: Nembwe (robustus), Blue Kurper, Redbreast Kurper, 3-spot Kurper and Nile Kurper (niloticus). Catfish (barbel) are also found.


Christie Thomas with a brace of Mteri Bream (robustus) taken on crankbaits.





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