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Many more pictures and reports of catches of Bass on the Big Baits have appeared, so the logical thing to do was to devote a separate page to these catches!

Chris Nietzl with a 5-pounder on the Castaic Soft Bait Trout. This photo also demonstrates the ideal tackle set-up to handle the big baits: a sturdy rod (heavier than a flipping stick) and a Shimano Calcutta 400.


Just so you guys don't get the idea that Rob always fishes with a 12" MS Slammer, here he is this time displaying the 9" model MS Slammer hanging from the jaw of a 15lb12oz brute Bass! Is there any wonder why the 9" MS Slammer is Rob's favourite big Bass lure?


Now you know where the name "Bigmouth" comes from! Another view of Rob's 15lb12oz Bass.


Ryan "Chabot Pro" Thoni with an 8.2-pounder on the ever popular 9" Castaic Soft Bait Trout.


Dale Ball with a 9lber on the 9" MS Slammer.


The man himself, Mike Shaw, creator and manufacturer of the MS Slammer, with a 6.1lber on the 9" MS Slammer. Also note the tackle set-up needed to handle these big lures.


Erik "Carrot Top" Patzner with a 17.3lb San Pablo Reservoir beauty caught on 18 February 2002 on a 9" MS Slammer worked just under the surface in 4 - 6ft of water.


Another view of Erik's great catch showing the MS Slammer lure a little better. What an inspiration!


This is "Robbor" with a 12lb7oz Bass taken in March/April 2002 on the new big 12" Castaic Soft Bait Trout rigged with a stinger hook! OK this was in California, but does anyone need more convincing that those big lures really do work?


"Fish Chris" Wolfgram who probably has caught (and released!) more Bass over 10lb than any Basser with another beauty of 13.4lb taken in mid April 2002 at Rancho Seco, California, on the now famous Castaic Soft Bait Trout, clearly seen hanging from the Bass' jaw. Thanks for the inspiration, Buddy!


Another view of the the current Lake Perris, California (USA) record 18lb Bass shown on the home page of this site. This monster was caught by Will Steele on 28 December 2001 on the latest of the "mega lures", the Rago Generic Trout. What an amazing fish!

If Bassers in South Africa commit themselves to stocking more Florida strain Bass in our waters on a regular and sustained basis, we could expect the same type of catches in years to come. Let's sow today to reap tomorrow! Click here to find out more.


"Capt." Greg Vella displays a massive 12.7lb Lake Perris, California, Bass taken on the Rago Generic Trout in Midnight Magic colour (solid black with red eye).


And here's Jerry Rago of Independence, California, the inventor and manufacturer of the magnificent Rago Generic Trout "mega lure" or "big bait" with a 13.5lber (centre). Whoa! What about the 3 arms? That's Mike Long obscured from view with a nice brace of Bass (11lb and 10lb)! The venue? Lake Murray, San Diego, California.


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