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Yes, you guys, Japan has Bass too! Some really big Bass (as well as some more normal-sized Bass) are being caught with the Osprey Talon, a really interesting big swimbait available in sizes 7", 9" and 12".

Try Bass World West for the latest "Pro-Rig" version of this bait!

This is what the original Osprey Talon looks like:


And here are examples of Bass in Japan taken on this lure - although not much info is available about the weights of the Bass etc. I am sure the photos will speak for themselves:

"Nao" (Naoki Kohira) with a monster Bass taken on an Osprey Talon 9" Big Bait! It is widely believed that the next Japanese record Bass will fall to one of these remarkable lures! Hog Bass and Hog Lure!


This is "Captain" Greg Vella, a Basser living in Japan, and responsible for introducing the Big lures to Japanese anglers and Bass! "Capt." Greg has fished with swimbaits for Bass for over 18 years and has promised some articles for this site as soon as he can find the time ... He also fishes for Bass professionally.


"Capt." Greg, with another Japanese Bass on the Osprey Talon. This Bass is not so massive in relation to the size of the lure! As can be seen, this lure comes in wide range of colours.


Just to prove the above photos were no exception, "Capt." Greg, Bass and Big Swimbait again!


Nao, again, this time with a 4lb Bass taken at Misetumi Dam, Mie, Japan, on the 9" MS Slammer.


Naoki Kohira, a Fisherman's Warehouse pro-staffer with 9lb Bass taken on the 9" Osprey Talon in April 2002 at Ikehara Dam, Japan.

For amazing pics of the widest range of "Big Baits" you will see on the Internet, visit this Japanese site run by Greg Vella:

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