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Many years ago, both Sports Afield (June 1977) and Bassmaster magazines carried articles about hybrid or cross-bred Bass which were so aggressive that they attacked dogs and swimmers in the water!

Here is some background to these stories, courtesy of which prove them to be, for the most part, true!

Research was conducted on the hybridization of Northern Largemouth Bass and Northern Smallmouth Bass by Paul Richard Beaty from 1976 to 1978. The resulting hybrid was dubbed the "Meanmouth" Bass. Wild bass of both species were collected from the wild and manually stripped. The Smallmouth male x Largemouth female cross did produce viable and fertile offspring also capable of reproducing. The reciprocal cross (Largemouth male x Smallmouth female) had an almost 0% survival rate.

Growth of the Smallmouth male x Largemouth female hybrid was not significantly different to that of the Northern strain Largemouth, but was significantly different to the Smallmouth, ie. better/ faster.

Dr. Homer Buck of the Illinois Natural History Survey has indicated that in his work with the meanmouth bass, some fish displayed an increased aggressive nature (call it hybrid vigour, if you like), however this trait was not displayed by all fish in a given lot or batch. So, maybe those "Meanmouths" really did attack those dogs and swimmers!

Hmmmm ... how about a Smallmouth male x Florida strain female cross! These offspring should, by all expectations, be both massive and mean! What a combination! Just daydreaming ...

Here is a pic of some Bass hybrids, also showing the "Meanmouth" Bass, second from the bottom on the right:


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