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This site is an absolute "must" for any Basser aspiring to 10lb plus Bass!

Another great site is, which is well worth a visit.

Both these above-mentioned sites have a great deal of information as well as active Forums which are well-supported by a wide cross-section of Bass anglers giving their input and comments from which anyone can glean many useful tips ... Do yourself a favour and spend some time on each of these sites!


Other USA-based sites you will enjoy, are:

Patrick's Bassin' Site Big Bass Forum regular, "BassMaster" Patrick now has his own website!

Cast & Spear Fishing tips and advice                                                                         (including gear reviews and techniques)

If you can read Italian, enjoy this European Bass Fishing on-line magazine:



Massimo Zanetti's Italian Bass Fishing Home Page


Yes, there are Bass in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal!


Click on the logo below to visit the Portuguese Bass Fishing Association website.



Here are some South African fishing websites:


The South African Angling Community

The Cape Piscatorial Society

Report illegal Gill-Nets here!

Here are some Zimbabwean Bass fishing websites:

Chegutu Bassmasters


Other LINKS of interest:

1. How about Boats?

Do you like the idea of an aluminium boat? Many USA Trophy Bass anglers, notably, Bill Murphy and "Fish Chris" Wolfgram, just to name two, prefer aluminium boats rather than heavy fibreglass "gas guzzlers". With fuel costs being what they are, this just might be a viable option to get more Bassers out and on the water!

"Fish Chris'" aluminium boat (a real fish catching machine) with a nice camo paint job! This set-up is perhaps better suited to Trophy bassing than a "glitter-gelcoat" craft!

For more on aluminium boats, look at

Good news is that Quintrex aluminium boats from Australia are now available in South Africa.

The local agents are Hewitt Yamaha in Durban - (031) 337-3759. If you are interested, speak to Lewis Hewitt and tell him Jacques Wolmarans from the BIG BASS website referred you! Browse the website at Various models and options are available. Aluminiums need only small engines to perform respectably. These hulls have a 2 year guarantee. The 435 Hornet Bass Pro, the 455 Hornet Trophy and even the 435 Top Ender, would make really nice bassboats!

The Quintrex 455 Hornet Trophy


While on the subject of boats, have you heard of Boston Whaler? A very respected name in boats with a 10 year transferable guarantee on the hull (unheard of in the boating industry!) Boston Whaler hulls are extremely tough, safe and unsinkable fibreglass boats.

Visit the site at and see something really special. 

If you want a Boston Whaler boat (the Montauk 17 or the Dauntless 16 and 18 would make great bass boats!), contact Ronnie Arenson at Waterworld, Northriding, JHB (the SA agents) at (011) 462-4390/9 or click on this link: 


*Locally manufactured Bassboats I have been most impressed with, are to be found in the Ruffnek range (for example the VX-70), built in Zimbabwe by Gerry Jooste

The two websites below ( and often have new or used Ruffnek boats for sale. The X-16, X-70 and VX-70 will not disappoint you. 

Otherwise you may contact Ruffnek Boats directly in Zimbawe at: Ruffnek Boats (11 Kenmark Crescent, Bluffhill Industrial Park, HARARE); telephone: 09(263)4-305-426 or /373 or /286; cellular: 09(263)11-604-719; e-mail: If these telephone numbers give problems, check out

Another locally manufactured Bassboat is the Rebel. I have no firsthand experience of these, but they are rated great by those in the know. These boats are built by Anre de Villiers (083-456-4960) in Cape Town. He makes a 17 foot 5 inch boat and is also working on a 18 foot 6 inch boat. The two websites below ( and may have new or used Rebel boats for sale (Rebel 440 and Rebel 532).

Still looking for another Bassboat? Check out the large range offered by Shandon Hawman at:

Also see



Have you heard of the ?

The South African Agent is Casper du Preez (cellular: 083-676-6433). These fold-up boats in lengths of 8', 10', 12' and 14') have been around for years and have a great reputation. Click here for an independent review. The 12' boat costs about R13 000-00. Accessories such as oars, sunshade, dolly wheels, front trolling motor mount and RV mount are also available.



Or how about a "personal flotation craft", that is a float tube or a kickboat?

Check out:

for quality-made South African products which are even endorsed by some USA Bassers!


Have you ever thought of fishing from a Jet Ski?

Read this article, then click on the pic to find out more!


2. On to Rods:

For those of you who want a custom built rod using the excellent USA made Shikari blanks, cork grips and Fuji components, without having to build one yourself, check out the amazing range of purpose built custom Bass rods at:

Brad Tharp who recently signed the Big Bass Guestbook custom builds these rods, called Tactical Assault Revolution Rods, and he also uses the “Spiral Wrap” explained below. These unique Revolution rods in the Pro, Team and X4 Series series come in various models, including flipping rods and an 8’ heavy action swimbait model to handle those big lures weighing in at 1 – 8oz! 

Brad also builds rods with the standard or conventional guide alignment (called the Transition rods) as well as Spinning rods.

Definitely worth serious consideration! So, visit the Brad's site!


3. Fishfinders, anyone? 

You'll save money on a gigantic selection of fish finders, shipped lightning-fast.


4. What about Magazines?

How about a subscription to a very relevant magazine covering all aspects of angling in Africa? Contact "Ant" Williams, publisher of the African Fisherman at:

Mag-Set Publication (Pvt) Ltd.
Publishers of the
African Fisherman and African Hunter Magazines
P.O. Box 6204, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa
Tel/Fax (+263-4) 572786/572787 Fax (+263-4) 576706;
or use this handy form and fax it:

or e-mail "Ant" at

This publication is highly recommended and, whilst covering fishing in Africa generally, has the only current Bassing info in Zimbabwe in printed format. 

You will receive six issues of the African Fisherman a year, with each magazine consisting of between 48 - 60 pages. The annual subscription of R130 covers post and packaging for all six issues. 

This magazine is now online! Click on the pic below to access the website:


If you are into hunting, then do make a point of visiting "Ant" Williams' new African Hunter online magazine at:


"Bassin' SA", another local Bass magazine, is still being published (for those of us who thought the publication had "folded")!

Click on the pic (cover of issue 4 of the magazine) for details

Initial circulation of the magazine was only about 3 000 copies, but has since increased. The magazine is available from certain tackle shops, or you may subscribe. Unfortunately the Bassin' SA links seem to have gone dead - I don't know what the problem is ...


Just heard of a fishing magazine edited and published by Bruce Truter. Bruce, avid angler, writer and conservationist, used to own a tackle shop in Port Alfred (Eastern Cape) and once refinished some of my old fishing rods before I got into rodbuilding myself! For more information, click on the logo below:


5. Mailorder anyone? Also Lures and Accessories.

Cabela's is one of the best, most professional and efficient Internet mailorder companies. Highly recommended for any lures and tackle unobtainable locally. Click on the logo for an adventure in e-shopping!


I can also personally recommend:

for an amazing range of "Big Baits" including Castaic, Mission Fish and Rago! Just click on "Swim Baits".

    Exclusive suppliers of the "Pro-rig" versions of both the Osprey Talon and Rago Generic Trout. Click here to find out what the "Pro-rig" is.

  You must see this great range of swimbaits and other lures! Its the famous Mission Fish range!


If you have large Florida strain Bass in your area, you could do well to check out these two Musky websites for unusual lure ideas which will definitely work on big Bass. Musky anglers often hook large Bass (even Northern strain Bass which are found in the areas frequented by musky and pike) on musky lures.

The Musky-size XL Arbogast Jitterbug and the DeLong 16" Snake worm are Big Bass lures which have achieved cult-status in certain areas. Other large topwater lures which resemble (and dwarf!) a Zara Spook are worth a look, as is the Bull Dawg plastic swimbait in 6", 9" and 12" sizes by Musky Innovations which resembles a cross between a large sucker minnow and an eel or a lizard!

I am sure you will agree that these sites will add some inspiration in broadening your horizons in lure selection possibilities for trophy Bass! Do let us know when you succeed in landing your personal best Bass on a lure you first read about on the Big Bass website!


High quality soft plastics. Try the 6" Hoo-Daddy, the 7.5" Komodo Lizard and the 11" Salty Snake for big Bass!

If your'e looking for a Big Lizard, try 's Soft Plastic range for the 11" Incredible Lizard:

Order online here (access page and scroll right down).


Check out this great new supplier of a wide range of soft plastic lures.


Remember the old Snagproof Frog? Get this and other new weedless lures, including frogs, rats, worms and lizards here! The ultimate in really weedless lures ...


Try Strike On for the "Hammerin' Hare" series of jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits made with real rabbit hair/fur.

Works better than rubber or vinyl skirts - the natural hair "breathes" and moves in the water even when the lure itself is motionless ...

A "must" for Smallmouth Bass and great for Largemouths too!



Click on Fisherman's Factory Outlet for fantastic discounted tackle deals on brand name fishing tackle (such as ABU, Berkley and Fenwick). Check every couple of days as the inventory changes.


For custom painted Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits and Topwaters, try:

Dale Sellers Custom Lures.

Each lure is hand-painted using the finest acrylic lacquers and alcohol-based paints available, then custom finished with a high-tech, super-tough clear coat for Dale’s legendary "foot-deep" shine. If you don't see the colour you want, or if you have a favorite colour you want on any other lure, Dale will paint it to your exact specifications.

Also look at:

Hughes Custom Painted Baits

Do you have a favorite color they don't make anymore?
Would you like a color from one lure transferred to a different lure?
Design your own personal paint scheme that no one else has!

Hughes Custom Painted Baits provide the fisherman with a unique opportunity to design custom paint schemes on any style of hard bodied lure. They also offer our custom paint schemes that are proven tournament winning colours. They have painted lures for many of today's top BASS pros ...


For Saltwater-style Swimbaits       that also work great on Bass, try:


Want to find out about the best jigs for Bass      on the market? Go to:

The Big Hammer and Assalt range are now available at Tacklewarehouse. Just click on the following links for Assalt Jigs, Hammerhead Jig Heads and Big Hammer Swimbait soft plastic tails.


If you want to try an add-on scent product to your lures, the testimonials for Kick'n Bass sound great.

You will get these scent attractants more cheaply from Cabela's, Ron's T&C Tackle or Southern Outdoor Supply Co.

A local supplier of Kick'n Bass is Bonza Bay Fishing Tackle in East London. To order, phone Mark Ristow at 083-286-2960.


6. South African Tackle Links

for South African - made Saltwater and Bass lures!

Quality, international award-winning, South African - made Fishing Products such as the Pro-VB-Spiro Bass Worm Hook, Nets, Gaffs, Reels, Rod Tubes, Rod Stands, Sand Spikes and Bait Needles, etc. ...

One of my favourite South African tackleshops!


7. Fishing-related Computer Programmes

A young Pietermaritzburg-based Basser, Wesley Tanner, has written a computer programme called Fish Record to facilitate you establishing and maintaining a database of all your (Bass) catches at different venues.

Click here to visit the website to find out exactly what you can do with this innovative programme and how to contact Wesley if you are interested in purchasing the programme.


8. Technical and "Do-it-yourself" Links

Super-tuning your Baitcasting Reel


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