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the definitive South African trophy Bass fishing site


The South African Saltwater Surfcasting site

Site Launched: 12 July 2004

Last Update: 22 October 2007

Surf Scene: The waiting ...


The result: A 19kg (42lb) Kabeljou (Natal Salmon)

caught by the webmaster in the surf off Southbroom Beach, KwaZulu-Natal


I do hope you like the site, find it interesting and informative and visit again soon!



Why this site?
Even though Bass fishing is my "first love" in fishing, surfcasting is an exciting and worthwhile pursuit! I could not find any relevant and regularly updated South African websites specifically dedicated to Surfcasting, so I decided it was time to launch one, even if it only serves to organise some information and links I find useful!



Please click and check each link in the column on the left of the page

New information will be posted as it comes in and as time allows. There is no Guestbook yet, but please feel free to e-mail me at Tell me what you would like to see on the site - it would be nice to know who is visiting ... and what you think of the site!

The Fishing Spots section will include links to Saltwater Fishing Guide Services operating in Southern Africa. Obviously this Fishing Spots section will take a lot of time and effort to "grow" and will probably never be totally complete. What this section ultimately looks like will, of course, be dependent upon appropriate responses from anglers in the various areas. So, please send in that info about your favourite Bass Fishing Spots!



Photos and articles
Anyone can send in photos and articles for possible posting on this site.

Notice that I do not mind if you catch your bass on natural baits or artificial lures as long as you release the bulk of your catch ...

Our marine fish stocks are under great pressure, so please consistently practise "Catch and Release" with the fish you are privileged to catch!


Newsflash 1!

Recent catches (Southern Africa)!

If you have pics of noteworthy catches, please e-mail me so I can put them up on the site for all to enjoy!


Newsflash 2!

If you don't yet know, South Africa has a few Saltwater Fishing Guide Services ...

... click here and scroll down.



Newsflash 3!



Have you ever thought of fishing from a Jet Ski?

Read this article, then click on the pic to find out more!


Newsflash 4!

Handy Line Capacity Calculator

If, for instance, you know that your favourite reel takes 330m of 0.40mm diameter line and you want to find out how much of any other diameter line that reel will take, this free programme will help ...


Go to:



Newsflash 5!

Join SEALINE, the South African Angling Community

Great Forums and information!


Click on the link below:

The South African Angling Community


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You may also like to visit:



The definitive South African trophy Bass fishing site


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