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Fish Chris Wolfgram with a nice Bass taken on the Mattlures Bluegill



Mattlures has just (November 2008) appointed a South African Agent for Mattlures products! He is Andrew Geral (also known as "Basstid" on


So, Bassers, you will now be able to get your Mattlures swimbaits locally from:


Also see:




To check out the official Mattlures USA-based website, go to



Here are some pics to whet your appetite:


Meet the Bluegills!






The Baby Bass ...



And "Woody", the Hard Trout!



There's also a Tilapia!




Visit the official Mattlures USA-based website for more detailed info!



For reviews on (and excellent pics of) some of the Mattlures lures or "baits" as they are commonly referred to, go here:



Read this interesting interview with Matt Servant, who started Mattlures:


BUT, just remember that while you may get away with using a flipping stick with some of these lures (the smaller ones),  a proper Swimbait rod (such as the Okuma Guide Select big bait casting rods) will be more appropriate and efficient.


There is broad agreement among Swimbait enthusiasts that the best value for money Swimbait rod currently on the market is the Okuma Guide Select 7'6" Heavy (GS-C-761H) which is rated for 1 - 5 oz lures and 15 - 30lb test line. This is a great all-round big bait rod with the power you need to throw heavy lures and the action that will allow you to fish lighter baits as well.



Read a review on the Okuma rods here:



SO, perhaps our Mattlures SA Agent will stock some of these rods as well?


I have it on good authority from the man himself (Matt Servant from Mattlures USA) that the new unique Mattlures line of Swimbait rods will be available in the USA in December 2008! They will be available for sale online on and I am hoping that our new SA Agent will be able to work out a deal to have these Swimbait rods readily available to SA Bassers as well! Perhaps something to look forward to in 2009 ... While we wait, here is something to whet our appetite in terms of the new line of rods:



Watch this page for more details!


Don't know who the happy angler is, but the lure is obviously a Mattlures Bluegill



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