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Bass and Barometric Pressure


Just how important a factor is Barometric Pressure in Bass fishing?


We know that Moon Phases and of course, local weather, are important. Weather systems, generally, and local weather, in particular, are linked to Barometric Pressure. Barometric Pressure changes as the weather systems change and can be an important indicator or predictor of imminent changes in local weather which could have a major impact on fishing.


It is said that the effects of Barometric Pressure are greater in fresh and shallower waters.


Barometric Pressure can range from extreme highs of about 1033 to extreme lows of about 965. 1016 is considered "normal".


Changes in Barometric Pressure can put fish on or off the bite. Even a change as small as 1 point from a normal or constant reading may be significant.


Some observations which have been made are the following:

  • 1017 and under: fishing will generally be slow (pressure too low?)

  • When pressure rises, fishing will generally pick up (there is a change in pressure)

  • Fishing levels off when pressure remains constant for a while at higher levels (constant = no change)

  • When pressure drops from highs around 1025, fishing will pick up until pressure hits the 1017 mark again (there is a change in pressure) - these drops will probably produce the best bursts of fishing; the sharper and quicker the drop, the better the fishing ...

The changes in pressure are therefore significant. "Just before" and "just after" a front are times to be out fishing ... This generally means fishing just before and during the beginning stages of rainy weather and just after the rain clears. If you catch weather patterns like this anytime during periods commencing 3 days before and ending 3 days after either the new or full moon, you should "do your darndest" to be out there at your favourite spot fishing! Chances are you'll be doing more catching (and releasing, please)!


How about keeping your own records and letting us in on your observations?


Hand-held electronic gadgets capable of displaying real-time on-site barometric pressure readings and trends are available. Some hand-held GPS units such as the Garmin GPS Map 76S and 76CS can also display Barometric Pressure readings. Nice "toys" to have ...



These articles will give you an idea of some basics about Barometric Pressure as it relates to fishing:


Cautionary Note: Don't fish only when Moon Phases, Barometric Pressure and local weather is considered optimum - you may just miss out on your Personal Best! Bass don't always play by the "rules" we make and the "principles" we identify from our experiences!


For those of us who work regular jobs and cannot pick and choose our fishing times: The BEST day to go fishing is any day that ends with a "Y"!









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